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About Wendi 

Wendi YuLing [Anderson] (she/her) is a self-taught artist and activist of Chinese, Filipino, Dutch, and Scottish descent. She was born to a mother from Washington state and a father from Hawai’i. Portland, OR is her home base.

Wendi’s work is sometimes collaborative, often ephemeral, and typically incognito. She works out of her home studio, making art that support movements that are important to her: following indigenous leadership, protecting sacred places, building strong communities, and issues surrounding climate change, capitalism, and colonialism. Her process involves intensive research to ensure that the finished piece carries the intended meaning. Costume, performance, and ritual grant access to hidden spaces, give shape to the intangible, and bid you to take notice of significance. Painting and illustration are conduits for the energy of social movements. All create entry points into dialogue and discovery.  

Her collaborative work with zero and low-income populations in Portland include tile projects at The Helen Swindells Apartments (2008) and Grace Peck Terrace (2012), and murals at McCoy Village (2008) and the Lyndon Musolf Manor (2006). She has staged performances at Fort Bragg, CA (2015), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (2017), and Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR (2017). Within movements, her art has lived at Mauna Kea, Hawaiian Kingdom (2019), Turtle Island on unceded Secwepemc Territory (2018) and Standing Rock (2016), Washington DC, United States (2017), and at various locales in Portland, Oregon since 2016.