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Saki + John’s Wedding

Celebrants have the power to craft ritual, create atmosphere, guide emotion, and pause time as long as is needed in order to ensure the proper memorialization for an occasion. Standing at any event is an honor to me as a Celebrant, and officiating this particular wedding was not only an honor, but quite a lot of fun.

I spent the months leading up to the ceremony in deep communications with the bride and groom, who live in Germany but were planning afar for their Portland ceremony. Distance required diligence and a commitment on all of our parts that we would put in the work via online collaboration tools. As with any ceremony, I spent ample time getting to know the couple’s backstories, as well as drawing out the special little details that would help make their vows meaningful. Besides the distance between myself and the couple, I was also conscious that I had to craft a story that would bring all of the guests along with John and Saki as they met, dated, and fell in love. Most of Saki’s family lives afar - some reside in Japan - and the wedding would be the first time they got to meet John. It was important for them to get to know John during the ceremony, so by the time the couple said their vows, they would be just as happy for their joining as someone who had known the couple since the beginning. The result is in the video, and from all who attended, it was considered a beautiful ceremony and tribute to Saki and John.