The Oracle: Guidance in the Age of Resistance

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The Oracle was originally created as a guerrilla art performance for the opening night of Portland's TBA festival. The Oracle is an original, modern-day version of a fortune telling performance, using divination methods inspired by Wendi's layered cultural heritage to dispense guidance pertinent to social justice and navigating life during times of uncertainty and unrest. The Oracle’s attire and accoutrements are all handcrafted by Wendi. The performance in the photos was done at TBA 2017.

Accoutrements include:

14 cards, each depicting a different person active in a political, environmental, indigenous, or social justice movement, each representing a particular type of person needed in the resistance. Each card was drawn by hand, with a background that reflects the featured person's roots or area of expertise, and each card back carries an explanation of the traits that exemplify the type of person featured, as well as a blurb about that person. All of the people featured are either women, people of color, indigenous, queer, or a combination thereof.

A board inscribed with seven color-coded emotions, from which the seeker is bidden to chose up to three that most closely represent their feelings regarding current events.

42 sticks, six for each emotion, each set of six responding in color to the seven colors assigned to the board, and numbered 1 through 6.

42 unique, handwritten scrolls, each written with the modern-day seeker in mind. Most scrolls contain a quote corresponding to the emotion of the seeker. Some direct the seeker to actions such as volunteerism, connecting to local organizations, self-care, or research and reading. All are intended to inspire introspection and action. Each time The Oracle makes an appearance, older and less relevant scrolls are rotated out and replaced with timely new scrolls based on current events, venue, and audience.

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