“Archetypes” explores the permutations of personality. Every one of the Archetypes represents a need or feeling at the time it was created; Whimsy was born out of a need to provide the memory of myself as a child with a companion to play with, and Intercessor came to her final incarnation after the 2016 election, a time that for me personally was filled with anger and a heavy feeling of betrayal. Completing the costume is a part of the process as I take the time to examine my feelings and think through my reasoning.

When I assume the role of an Archetype, I speak, move, and act as befits the Archetype I'm inhabiting. An introvert by nature, the Archetypes allow me to manifest behaviors and attitudes that I don't exhibit in my everyday life, and the resultant reactions given to me by others as they respond to the performance further informs my practice. The still photographs of each Archetype thus tells only a small part of each character’s story; the full realization of the project is in its interactive elements.